The Great Piano Players Of Country-western Music

It may be hard to imagine, but the piano wasn’t always accepted into country and western music. There were many pianists who persevered and brought an entirely new dimension to the music. These musicians brought other playing styles into a very rigid musical genre, allowing it to expand into the force it is today.

Pianists in country and western music were originally borrowed from other genres of music. The first pianist in Western swing was a jazz player named Fred “Papa” Calhoun. Calhoun’s deft playing complemented the rest of the band, which consisted of stand-up bass, tenor banjo and twin fiddles. Other groups followed suit, searching for the right players for their lineup.

John “Smokey” Wood is one of the most famous of these pianists. Known as a bit of an outlaw in his days, Smokey got his name from the enormous amount of marijuana he was known to smoke. He often lit up right in the middle of a set, in full view of the audience and bar owner. Smokey was a teenager when the Houston music scene blew up, and he decided to get caught in the wave.

Though he never became a household name, the swagger of his playing affected

The Five Most Outrageous Costumed Bands Ever

When groups are just starting out in the underground music scene, many of the wisest groups with the biggest aspirations realize they soon need something to set themselves apart. Standing and playing in more plain clothes often just won’t do — so the most outrageous acts, from metal to horror rap, have turned to costumes. Here are five of the most outrageous costumed acts to emerge from underground music to mainstream notoriety! Almost everyone’s heard of KISS, but have you heard of Lordi or Insane Clown Posse?

KISS: One of the original costumed bands, the group emerged from the New York City underground rock scene in the early ’70s. Led by frontman Gene Simmons, KISS took the make-up and dramatic flair of glam rock but took it to its extreme. The look of the band, with skin-tight space-age outfits and black-and-white makeup, became instantly recognizable. That, combined with other stage antics like flaming guitars, quickly propelled the group out of the underground rock scene and into mass stardom.

Gwar: This act started out as a staple on the underground rock scene of Richmond, Virginia as a relatively straightforward punk and metal act. But in a sea of similarly dressed underground rock acts,

The Extra Terrestrials Show At Chennai Music Academy

The Premiere of the show Extra Terrestrials was held today at the Music Academy.

The show began with a performance by the Golden Power- the two men Sandor Vlah and Gyula Takacs who were painted in gold displayed an amazing combination of strength, skill and art by effortlessly performing hand balancing acts and taking on each other’s weight.

The audience was still recovering from the wonderful feats performed by them, when Wolfgang Bientzle the German Wheel Acrobat, came up with an awesome performance on the wheel to exclamations of ‘wow’ in the audience.

Erik Ivarsson’s antics on the unicycle left the audience speechless with amazement, while Jerome Murat a mime, illusionist and ventriloquist captivated the audience with his act. Watching him was like watching a magic performance- should be watched to be believed.

The audience was enthralled by Anton Monastyrsky as they watched him get in an out of the hula hoop and spin circles around it until the hoops almost became a blur. No wonder he is also called The Lord of the Rings.

Not only was Roma Hervida’s performance spell binding but her very presence was magnetic. Her dazzling performance had most of us in the audience at the edge of our seats!


The Elements of Music


Duration is how long notes last for. Some notes repeat at regular intervals. We call these notes the beat. Often the beat is played by instruments such as drums and other percussion instruments. If you tap your foot to a pop song.. you are usually tapping the beat… and notice how your foot repeats at the same intervals.

Rhythm is different because it refers to groups of notes that change in duration. For instance when we sing a song, some words last for a long time… and some words go for a short time.

In summary: Remember that beat stays the same and rhythm changes.


Dynamics are audible differences between loud and soft. Of course, there are some songs which have the same loudness throughout. Other music has changes in duration. Some parts are soft, then suddenly loud or vice versa. Other parts of songs have gradual changes from soft to loud and loud to soft. We call these gradual changes crescendos and diminuendos. Dynamics are an important part of music and often depend on the types of instruments used and the composer/ style of the music. An orchestra can produce louder dynamics than a string quartet because an orchestra has more instruments

The Different Types Of Spanish Music


One of the more well-liked varieties and entertaining to dance to is the salsa type. Its rhythm can be detected the moment it’s heard which makes a person to want to begin dancing and moving toward vibrant sound. It’s very easy to find and is available on many different variety albums making it simple to attempt. There are also a multitude of sites where a fan can enjoy free online music, which fortunately won’t cost them nearly anything but some time. Having some of this great dancing music in your collection is going to be fantastic for your dancing footwear and thus consider downloading free music-get some tunes without paying!

Tejano Music

Another wonderful type of Spanish music is often a type that began on the Texas border and frequently blends both English and Spanish words. The sound is similar to rock, rock country and R& B. The term Tejano refers to a number of the Spanish community that resides in Texas. They’ve got their own traditions and ideals that come across evidently in their music. Although it borrows from both Mexican and American music it is unique and has its very own essence. Among the most well-known singers known for applying

The Best Social Networking Sites For R&b & Hip-hop Music

The Internet has allowed music lovers of all ages and walks of life to socialize and discuss the music they enjoy most. R&B and Hip-hop fans have a number of social networking sites where they can find new music and rediscover older classics. was originally best known for being a dating site but it has become much more. It is the largest online community for African Americans, offering news, entertainment and social networking. Members can chat with each other, post photographs, upload videos and shares comments about favorite R&B artists. offers free programmed radio stations along with user profiles, chat, blogs and even some games. lets users create their own music station as a kind of virtual Deejay. A blip is defined as a song and a short message accompanying it. The user creates a blip by searching for a song they want to hear then adding a Tweet sized message before submitting it.

Sending a blip is called blipping. Users can also send props, which are expressions of respect. All users get 10 credits they can use to give props to other DJs. As a member amasses props from the community, their props will increase and so will the credits

The Best Recording Studio In Miami Florida

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Miami Recording Studio, Inc. was established in 2004 and has become a popular entity that provides many services to all in the music industry. Miami Recording Studio is a one-stop-shop for all your music production needs. Combining high-quality work and professionalism is what keeps our clients coming back to us. We are a full service studio featuring the latest technology for our all your projects. We have in-house manufacturing services offering the most inexpensive DVD and CD Duplication with high quality results. Miami Recording Studio conveniently has two locations: one in South Miami and one in Kendall near the Tamiami Airport.

Miami Recording Studio aims towards becoming one of the best recording studios in Miami. Our studios are equipped to handle your project from beginning to end. We have top notch trained musicians at our fingertips, so if your music is lacking that extra edge, we can maximize sound to the fullest. We will arrange and compose professional recordings like adding instruments such as guitar, bass, drums, piano, even vocals to your existing recording in order to enhance the project. We have successful

The Benefits Of Voice Training

Singing is a great way to de-stress and introduce calm in your daily life. You don’t have to be an American Idol hopeful to benefit from vocal lessons. For residents of Utah, voice training not only improves pitch and performance, but it offers a host of other benefits that have nothing to do with singing. If voice training is something you’ve considered for yourself or your children, keep reading to learn more about the many advantages of this popular practice.

An Ageless Hobby

It doesn’t matter if you’re a 10-year-old hoping to land a role in your elementary school’s yearly musical or a 99-year-old looking to shock and amaze your friends and family at your centennial birthday party, singing is an ageless hobby. No matter how young or old you may be, you can start singing lessons at any age and excel.

Singing Bolsters Confidence

Did you know that most people fear public speaking more than death? This may seem like a nonsensical fear to someone who doesn’t mind standing in front of a crowd, but the fear of public speaking is real for a majority of people in this world. Learning how to perform in front of an audience, which is what vocal

The Benefits of Music for Children

As science fairs all over the world will attest, music is good for living things. Plants grow more quickly and more fully when their owners play music for them. But the benefits of music for children are even greater than a couple of inches in height. There is a direct correlation between music and child developmentĀ  and the correlation is a terrific one. So if you really want to help your family be all that it can be, consider music classes for your kids.

Coordination: One of the greatest benefits of music for children is that it helps kids coordination. Playing an instrument requires the use of fine motor skills. Most instruments require the use of both handsĀ  and percussive instruments, like pianos and drums, require hands and feet to play correctly. That means that music and child development of hand-eye coordination and dexterity go hand-in-hand.

Relaxation: Even little kids can get stressed out. Music classes for kids work as a sort of unofficial “therapy”: children become engaged in a project that yields positive results, and that means lower blood pressure and lower stress levels. Just like adults who are soothed by music, children also experience the same reactions of happiness and

The Benefit Of Music Education In A Child’s Development

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In 1994 a study was conducted by psychologist Fran Rauscher and physicist Gordon Shaw at the University of California to test the connection between music and math and science skills. The three test groups were comprised of three year olds. The first group participated in adult-led singing time, the second group, in weekly keyboard lessons, and the third (control group) was not exposed to any type of musical activity. The results were astounding! After eight months, “every child who participated in a music-training program increased his or her spatial intelligence by an average of 46 percent over the control group’s 6 percent increase.” (Baney, Cynthia. Wired for Sound: The Essential Connection Between Music and Development.)
Music education should be an essential part of a child’s growth and development. Numerous studies have repeatedly demonstrated how music education will lead to a higher aptitude in math, science, reading, athletics, creativity and problem solving. But the simple fact