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Sound-alikes are pieces of music that are meant to be in a similar style to well known musical artists. The record should allow the listener a similar feeling and tone while still being original. Music libraries quite often are limited to small budgets and cannot work in sync licenses for the real artist’s recording and composition. Because of this, it is more realistic to utilize a sound-alike recording in the same vein.

As a songwriter wanting to write sound-alikes, you want to take influence from the original band without infringing on their copyright. First set your song at a similar tempo. This ensures the overall vibe will remain. A few beats per minute difference would be smart. Do to use a different key. Study the original’s chord progression and arrangement. Make sure you write a different progression whilst retaining the feel. Another important aspect is instrumentation. You’ll want to use tracks that are included on the referenced record, aiming for tone and arrangement in their style.

Lyrically, aim for text that relate the general concept yet are original enough to be considered a great song unto itself. If your singing style is not similar enough to the band’s you will want to

Shaggy 2 Dope A Look At The Man Behind Icps Lyrics

Anybody whos ever listened to ICPs lyrics can tell you that theyre not traditionally what one would hear when listening to underground rap music. Thats because ICPs lyrics, while technically belonging to the underground rap music genre, are more specifically members of an underground rap music micro genre, horror rap.

But whether ICP lyrics are for you or ICPs lyrics are not for you, they provide a rare insight into the man who helps to write them all: Shaggy 2 Dope.

Born Joseph Utsler, Shaggy 2 Dope has been in some way involved in the writing of ICP lyrics since the early days when ICP stood for Inner City Posse. But ICPs lyrics back then were just as unique then as ICPs lyrics are today, so one has to wonder just what is going on in the heads of Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope when theyre writing these underground rap music hits.

Little is known about half of the ICP lyric-writing team, Shaggy 2 Dope. It is know that he came from a rough neighborhood in Detroit, and while un-cited, it has also been said that Shaggy 2 Dope spent the majority of his adolescence growing up on Detroits streets.

Shaggy 2 Dope

Science Fair Projects On How Music Influences Plant Growth

Developing an interesting science fair project is not as easy as it sounds. It requires taking a seemingly boring project, such as a plant growth project, and infusing it with an interesting angle, such as how music influences growth patterns in plants. If you are interested in developing this type of science fair project then these tips will be helpful.

Tip #1 – Find the Right Type of Plant to Work With

The first component of a good plant growth experiment is to work with a plant that grows fast enough to be practical for your science fair project, and secondly that has a fairly predictable rate of growth. Vegetable plants work great for these types of projects because they germinate and mature within a two or three month period. They also have very predictable growth processes and life cycles.

Tip #2 – Design Your Growing Environment

It is important to design your growing environments so that music exposure will be the only thing that is different between the various experiments. This means that each test growing environment will have the same exposure to sunlight and dark, the same internal temperature and the same humidity level. To ensure your results are valid you will

Save Money On Time Life Music Collections

Time Life has an interesting philosophy behind its music collections. They seek to recall earlier eras while capturing the spirit of the present. Although that may sound a little abstract, what it basically means is each and every Time Life music collection contains some golden oldies from past decades that retain their timeless appeal even in the pop-culture world of today. Whether youre a rock, pop or country fan, youll rediscover some of your favorite artistes from your childhood and teenage days in these magical albums.

Although the price of Time Life products may seem expensive at first glance, realize that most of the music collections contain nearly ten times the number of tracks in a regular album. In that sense, Time Life music albums are actually incredibly cheap because youre paying much less per track than you would with a regular music release. However, the affordability of Time Life products doesnt mean there arent additional ways to further reduce your expenditure on the site. There are several extremely useful methods to increase your Time Life savings!

Clearance Sales

The first is to pay regular visits to the Clearance sales page. This page contains perhaps the best discounts you will ever find on

Samsung Yp-s5 Something Which Is Different From The Ipod Nano.

Apple’s iPod Touch, iPod shuffle or iPod Nano are not the only PMP around. They are just more famous than the others. These days almost everyone has has an iPod Touch or iPod Nano. (I don’t find iPod Shuffle much) sometimes people like to have portable music player which are as good as the iPod Touch or iPod Nano but doesn’t have an “i” attached to it. And if you care to find, you’ll find many good portable music players which sometimes costs less, got more looks and works good too. One such portable music player is Samsung YP-S5.

Samsung’s been known to make excellent portable music players – the only issue has been their atrocious pricing, thanks to which hardly anyone is seen toting a Samsung player. Someone in Samsung’s top brass must have heard the not so silent plea, and here goes – the YP-S5, it has more features than YP-K3, and costs just a fraction of its predecessors’ price of Rs 18000, av just Rs 6600. Compared to the price of iPod Nano, this PMP is way cheap and the deal is very good. An amazing deal, this, considering the S5 is a potent all-round PMP. It has

Sample Music Contracts

Often musicians feel that there is no real need for any type of formal contracts. At least this is the
consensus when they are first breaking into the industry. The excitement or moving up in the music world seems to override the business side of it. As an introduction into the seriousness of the industry there are sample music contracts available. Music contracts really serve the purpose of getting one to know just how the legalities of the industry work. It would be wise for an individual to obtain some of these and really research them. Learn what they consist of and what they are all about. There are some really good online businesses that specialize in music contracts. Perhaps if one were to look around there may be some online sites that will offer some sample music contracts for free.

This could be utilized at the starting out level, just to keep everyone comfortable that is involved. For very complex legal contracts, there really should be a lawyer involved. That doesnt mean you cant utilize these sample contracts. On the contrary, you could fill one out involving all parties then forward it on to a lawyer to polish up the

samantha upcoming movies hot wallpapers video trailers free downloading

Samantha Ruth Prabhu is an Indian film actress and model who appears in Tamil and Telugu films. Born to Malayalee and Telugu parents, Samantha was brought up in Tamil Nadu and pursued a career in modelling during her late teens. Despite signing up to Ravi Varman’s Moscowin Kaveri in mid 2007, her first major release was the critically acclaimed Gautham Menon film, Ye Maaya Chesave, which got released in February 2010.

Early life and family Born on April 28, 1987 to a Malayalee mother and a Telugu father, Samantha was brought up in Chennai, Tamil Nadu becoming fluent in the Tamil language.

Career Despite signing up for three Tamil films in quick succession, Samantha’s first release was Indira Productions’ Gautham Menon directed, Ye Maaya Chesave. The film, a simultaneous remake of the Tamil film Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa, created much anticipation prior to release, primarily due to the successful soundtrack from A. R. Rahman.

The actress was signed up for the project in mid August 2009 and completed schedules across India and the United States for the film which released in February 2010. The film portrays Samantha as the lead character of Jessie, which was also the working title of the film; a Malayalee Christian

Salsa Timing – 5 Tips To Finding The First Beat Of The Music

One of the most challenging humps to get over for many beginning salsa dancers is to learn to recognize the first beat of the music and actually count the music properly to keep on the correct salsa timing . Yet, rhythms are often innate in us. Just like we can become aware of our heart beat, we can become to be able to recognize the salsa rhythm.

However, just like it is actually much harder to count your pulse, learning to count and understand the direction of the salsa music is much harder. But with proper guidance counting salsa timing will become easy as well. Here is how to do it.

Tip # 1 Listen To The Cow Bell To Find The Salsa Rhythm

The salsa rhythm goes quick, quick, slow, quick, quick, slow. The first step to learning timing is to make sure that you can recognize the rhythm. After you recognize the rhythm, half of your job is already done. One of the easiest ways to recognize the salsa rhythm is to try to find the cow bell in the music. The cow bell plays on the core beats of 1,3,5,7, loops over and repeats 1,3,5… and so on. Not all

Salsa Music – Cuba’s Musical Legacy

Salsa music is sometimes referred to as Latin jazz, Afro-Cuban or Afro-Carribean music. Played in dance clubs or performed in concerts, this is the sound of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Venezuela and New York. This is Cuba’s musical legacy that rose from its street culture, which shaped the country’s popular music throughout the past several decades.

Literally meaning “sauce” in the Spanish language, salsa is the type of music requiring the perfect amount of essential ingredients. To its enthusiasts, the spicier, the better.

The music starts with a clave rhythm, which commonly is eight beats long and has a 2-3 or 3-2 pattern. This serves as the heartbeat of this genre. The clave should be learned, applied and felt in order to play or dance this colorful and spicy music. Other ingredients in the salsa music recipe are montuno, tumbao and guaganco, among others. These are ostinattos, or patterns, played by the piano, bass, strings and horns all throughout or in certain parts of the song.

This Cuban original music has landed in different parts of the world years ago. Later on, its powerful tunes influenced its various destinations and vice-versa. This Latin music has evolved as it toured several countries.

Royalty Free Music – Licensing & Copyright

If you want to use music for your website, in multimedia or traditional media productions you need to know about music licensing. Website designers, video makers, TV show producers and all other creative artists are constantly looking for music in their productions.

It’s important to understand what copyright means, how it applies to music, and how you can obtain the rights to use music for your production. Terms such as “royalty-free music” and “synchronization licensing” get tossed around loosely, and this adds to the confusion. Hopefully this mini-tutorial will shed some light on this.

A Tale Of Two Copyrights: Composition And Master

Copyright is intellectual property. If you own the copyright to something, it means, quite simply, that you have the right to decide who can make a copy. Copyright is the right to copy. Obviously it’s more complex than that but we’ll keep it basic for now.

In terms of music, the key thing to understand is that each recording of music actually includes two distinct copyrights:

1. The copyright in the song itself, or the musical composition, or simply the Composition. This means the rights in the words and music of a song, and is often referred to as the ‘Publishing’ rights. Think